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For those of you who wish to know, this is me. When I'm not sleeping, I am busily programming on something or another except when I take breaks to practice the sword, read, or chat. I have pictures of me at faire if you'd care to view them.

Now that the preliminaries are out of they way, I'll fill in some of the details. I read mostly fantasy fiction, and I used to write a little too. Maybe I'll get back to writing again soon. I hope to, but I know how easy it is to procrastinate. Some of my favorite authors are Mercedies Lacky, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey, Douglas Addams, and Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Reading fantasy fiction is what steered me toward my love of the Medieval times, the romance of the chivalrous knight, and the sword. Unfortunately history spoils those fantasies, but we can try to attain better in our own lives. Through the reenactment groups with which I have been involved, I have tried to mold myself, my life, and my attitudes toward that goal. I acquired knighthood after many years of striving on that path. And I continue that journey every day, attempting to live up to the image of the "Knight in Shining Armor". The Quest for the best in one's self.

I feel I should say more here, but I honestly don't know what. I guess I'll ramble for a minute and see what comes out. I program web sites for a living, mostly database back end work. I have a cat named Smokey, who is usually just referred to as Kitten. Hum, no film in the camera at the moment, but I'll try to get a picture of her up here sometime. Other than work and practicing the sword, I don't really do much. I play an occasional computer game. I program on various personal projects. Not much else is coming to mind at the moment.

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